Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Still Married....Not Even Separated

“You’re friends with *Tina?” asked a 30-something co-worker over coffee.

 “Yea, we know each other,” I said hesitantly knowing what he was getting at. I work in a very large building, with plenty of predominantly male co-workers. While a few have directly asked me out on a “date,” which I have come to learn that some is almost as serious as a marriage proposal to some, plenty have asked me to have coffee, meet in center court, or even have lunch ‘casually.’ A few weeks earlier, a mutual acquaintance *Tina stopped me in the halls to ask if I knew the man sitting across from me, stating “he had a crush on me,” realizing the ridiculousness of her statement.

 I agreed to have a coffee with the muscular Italian, Anthony, only to find out he was married with a child. “I’m in bad marriage but would you like to hang out?” was his comment.

 “I would rather not get involved with someone that is married, especially if you are not separated or divorced,” I said.

 “Could I just have some time to explain my situation a little better?” he asked. I declined.

 A few days later, I ran into *Tina. Although I was not mad I asked her if she was aware *Anthony was married.

 “I had no idea until AFTER you had coffee with him!” she said shocked.

 This incident shook me up more than it should have. I have a friend that seems to attract “I might be getting divorced” men. Perhaps it is our age, our overall appearance, or some vibe that is given off-but this is a common problem she has. My advice to men in this situation-FIGURE YOUR SHIT OUT BEFORE YOU GET INVOLVED WITH SOMEONE ELSE!

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