Friday, December 11, 2009

New Years Eve, 2000 something

"Have I ever told you the story about this girl?" One of my 20-something co-workers asked pointing at one of the girls on face-space.

"Nope," I answered.

"Well see, she always would like give me blow jobs. Just out of nowhere she would give me blow jobs. So, I was at New Years and I was drunk and she was like 'hey come in the bedroom with me' so I went with her. Then she gave me a blow job." My 20-something co-worker told me while flipping through her my-face page.

"But when we were done, she went and told my girlfriend 'hey, I just gave Brian head' I was so pissed at her. My girlfriend like broke up with me right then and there, and like I really liked that girlfriend, a lot...."

Yet another wonderful story from a 20-something male co-worker. You're at a party, with your girlfriend, DRUNK and you decide to go into a deserted bedroom accompanied by a girl that has a sexual history with you, what do you expect to happen? I also have to congratulate his now ex-girlfriend for doing the right thing and breaking up with him right away. Too many girls would have let that slide.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Library

This conversation took place not between a 20-something co-worker and myself, but a 20-something classmate and myself. In my opinion, it's the same difference. At this point I should tell you that I am still in college, and my course of study is heavily male dominated. In my department there are about 60 males, and 9 female undergraduate students. With that said, most of my time is spent around males while studying for exams, and doing projects due to the lack of estrogen.

While studying for a final, one of my 20-something male classmates abruptly left the group. Upon his return, he gave an explanation to excuse his sudden departure that went something like this:

"Sorry I had to get this girls phone number."

"Did you know her?" another 20-something classmate asked.

"Yea, I like met her before, but I always forgot to get her number."

"Oh, so are you trying to get with her then?"

"Sure, why not? She's pretty I guess, it shouldn't be that hard."

On that note I left the study session. I had to meet with another study group, but conversations among the guys in my department are usually the same. Because of the lack of female presence, they frequently disregard or simply forget to change their tones when a chick is around. Thanks guys!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hair Ties

For over a year I worked with one of my 20-something co-workers, and nearly every day he wore a hair tie on wrist. Never was his hair longer than half an inch, and yet, he still had a hair tie readily available at all times. One day, some one asked him:

“Dude, why do you always have a hair tie on your wrist? Its not like you need it ever!”

To which my 20-something co-worker replied:

“Dude, the worst thing is when you’re getting into, or have gotten into and a chick is like ‘hang on I need to get a hair tie.’ I’ve had it happen to me enough so now I’m just like ‘GOT IT!’”

Interesting, huh? A 20-something male can remember to always have a hair tie on his wrist, (and probably a condom in his wallet) in case he gets lucky, but can’t remember the answer to question number three on his finance exam even though he thought he just studied it!

Note he also said “happened to me ENOUGH.”

As I have said before, this isn’t an analysis of the 20-something male psyche, but just a compilation of some of the conversation that have lead me to have a preference of 30-somethings than 20-somethings. With that said, how many times is enough for a 20-something male?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Morning After the Strip Club

"This bitch won't's almost 11" a friend of one of my 20-something co-workers 'facebook' messaged him.

"Did you fuck her?" My 20-something co-worker asked.

"I'm not a fool, I wrapped my tool, you have to with strippers."

The night before my 20-something co-worker went to the strip club with a couple of his friends. One of his friends ended up taking one of the strippers home that night. Unfortunately she didn't have a friend for my 20-something co-worker who had to go home to his live-in girlfriend.

"Dude you should have seen me last night. I was wasted, I had like $400 but now I've only got like $10. I got so many dances. This one girl came up and just started playing with herself like right in my face, so I was like 'here'," my 20-something co-worker wiggling his middle finger up above his other four fingers. "Some of them were cool and let me, but some of them were like 'noo can't do that theres cameras..." but most let me touch them anyway. I've touched so many strippers ginas"

"Nice." I said.

This 20-something co-worker frequently talks to me about his previous evenings activities. Usually who he went out with, who he almost picked up, and sometimes who he hooked up with.
Even though he had a live-in girlfriend, it didn't prevent him from attempting to pick up girls, and living like he didn't.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My 20-Somethings of the Past

"She just said, 'don't let it be another two and half years before I hear from you again,'" my 20 something co-worker said in a not so private conversation to another 20-something co-worker.

At the time I over-heard my co-worker talking about a relationship he had with a girl the night before, I was not a 20 something. I was not surprised when I heard this statement either. For almost six months I had listened to the sexcapades of my 20-something male co-workers. Niether one of them were terribly attractive, and one looked closer to a 40-something.

My goal in writing this blog is not to constantly rip-on and degrade the 20 somethings, its to make people understand a preference for dating 30-somethings. So please don't be offended, and enjoy!