Monday, September 26, 2011

She Wants to "Hang Out"

"This is one of 'D's friends," said a co-worker to a group of co-workers as he showed us a picture of a naked girls behind,"she wants to you know, come out here and hang out."

"Is she his girlfriend?" I asked. It wasn't that I was naive, I just knew a few stories of guys tricking out their recent former stripper wives or girlfriends to other guys on site.

"Naw she just wants to get a ticket out here and then hang out with us," he said winking.

This is an all too common story in the gas and oil field. A guy brings a girl from home to the site and then has her sleep with a few of the other guys or "hang out" while he collects cash on the side. Sometimes a site manager will put his foot and not allow women on site, but a few weeks or months later the cycle starts over with new girls.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Texts From Somewhere Else

"I think you should text your wife instead of all these other crazy chicks all the time," I said to one of my 20-something co-workers, notorious for stepping out on his wife with "crazy bitches" (his words).

"I used to but I don't any more," he replied. "When we first got our phones we texted all the time. But then after a few a months we didn't text any more so I have to get my texts from somewhere else."

Appalled that this was not only literal but figurative, I could do nothing but stare at him in disbelief. He really did feel the need to constantly text (and probably sext) other girls because he wife was most likely busy with their three kids at home. This particular 20-something co-worker also worked nights and usually was texting this girls at three or four in the morning.

Friday, September 16, 2011

How My Co-Worker Met His Kid's Mother

One of my co-workers has a habit of hooking up with "crazy psycho b*tches," his words. Without hesitation, he says his wife of eight years and mother of his three children is definitely one of them.

"Well I was eighteen when I married her," he said," I told her if she married me she would never have to work a day of her life ever again."

"That was nice of you-where did you work when you married her?" I asked.

"She was a cashier at a grocery store and I was a bagger. See her husband was just deployed to Iraq-I guess she was lonely. She was six months pregnant with my kid when he got back and they got divorced." he answered.

I almost couldn't believe this story, but later confirmed with other people that it was indeed true. I would like to say their story had a somewhat happy ending, but it doesn't. Although they are still married with three kids, my co-worker still cheats on his wife or attempts to.

Asking a married cashier to get divorced and married someone else, while her husband is deployed, getting her pregnant prior to her divorce being processed is how my co-worker met his kid's mother and wife-for now.