Friday, July 29, 2011

Your favorite food, week after week

Most of the men I work with have traveled extensively, some all over the world. One of my co-workers worked and lived in Venezuela for almost three years right after getting married. However, his wife did not accompany him on his journey so he had plenty of time to indulge in one of his favorite past times.

"There was a time when I was doing it with three women a day," said one of my co-workers who at the time was a 20-something.

"Three women at the same time?" I asked.

"No, just throughout the day," he explained. "It would start off innocently enough. I would do the women who slept over from the night before in the morning. Then around lunch time I would go out and lay on the beach and find some one there. At night you would go out to the bar and meet some one else-and the whole thing started over again."

"And none of them were prostitutes?" another 20-something co-worker asked skeptically.

"Well, its different there. Here women like you and say 'lets make-out' there it is 'I like you lets have sex.'" continued my co-worker. "I got so sick of it. I could look at a gorgeous woman on the beach and just not feel a thing-it was like eating your favorite food all the time and then not being able to eat it ever again. Of course, a week later I would be ready to go again."

My co-worker told me his wife knows he cheated on her, but she doesn't understand the extent. Since they have reconciled and have been married for almost 18 years. Unfortunately this co-worker's marriage seems to be in turmoil frequently-and I do not question the reasons why.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Repeated offense

"He told me he only hooked up with that fat annoying girl like twice," I said to a co-worker referencing a different co-worker.

"He has hooked up with her at least half a dozen times," replied my co-worked. "We were at the store the other day and asked where he had been-he made up some stupid bull $hit story and we knew where he was."

"He was with the fat girl?" I asked.

"Yea he was! So I asked him, 'Why do you keep banging her?' and he tells me, 'Dude she let me put it in her ass!'"

At this point I bolted for the door and almost threw up. Upon returning I told my co-worker to continue.

"He said 'He just wanted to see what the boundaries were with her'-apparently there are none."

Repulsed by the conversation I didn't want to ask any more questions. Although the young women is fat-she is also annoying and not the nicest person to be around according to the other co-workers that have spent time around her. I am sorry to say this is what happens when men are left unsupervised and get bored.

As for the women who has allowed this happen-it takes two tango and she should have more respect for herself.