Thursday, February 25, 2010

Locker Room Gossip

The purpose of this blog has always been to focus on the sky-larkings of 20-something males, so today I am going to change the pace.

After lap swimming today, I heard a group of middle aged women talking about their partners' past partners, the conversation went a little something like this:

"It didn't work out with this women because she had a gastric bipass and was really sensitive about it, so when they were doing it she would want to keep her shirt on. Well, with Dave it's an all-or nothing-thing, he likes women with a good self-esteem." One of the middle-aged women said to her middle-aged friend in a not so private conversation.

"Then there was this other 'mystery women' she has had hundreds of sexual partners and brags about it, she is nuts. She got knocked up by a gay guy, in a three-way. I guess he was more interested in the guy in the three way, but he went for custody of the kid, she ended up getting to keep it because of all the money she kept in the divorce, and yea the 'mystery women' ended up being his ex-wife, he was still sleeping with her."

"I think a saw that in a movie once," joked one of the other middle-aged women with her friend.

I suppose I need to over-hear conversations like this so I am reminded that both men and women gossip about personal issues. I suppose I should not be offended about the conversation either because I hear this sort of thing frequently from their male counter-parts.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cafeteria Conversations

While sitting in the cafeteria at my college today, I eavesdropped on two (and eventually three) 20-something male college students. I made note of this conversation because of the assumption and stereotype that it is mostly girls that sit around and "gossip." After working in a male dominated field for nearly four years, and earning a degree in a predominately male profession I have come to understand that in many ways, men "gossip" more then their female counterparts.

"I just think she wants to be friends with him because they are both like 'outsiders.' Although all of us are different in our writing and poems, they are really outsiders, sometimes I don't think they are like as deep as the rest of us." Said one 20-something college kid to his friend.

"I've never really met her, I guess she might be smart but she seems really......I don't know young or naive?" Said the second 20-something college student.

"Yea I guess what happens, happens with that." Said the the first 20-something college student.

At this point, 20-something college student two decided to read some sort of short story or 'new age' poem to his friend. Upon finishing he stated:

"At this point in my writing I just feel like, I can't go any further. I need to get out of the box and go to Canada or something so I can write more, from personal experience."

Based on the limited conversation I eavesdropped on, both these young men seemed to regard themselves as more "deep" or spiritual, at the very least different from the other bee- bonging college guys in the room. In reality, they were no better and certainly not different.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentines Day 2000-something

"It sucks that the only of us with a significant-other has to work on Valentines Day," I commented to one of my 20-something male co-workers hinting that he could for once a be a good person and switch shifts with her, "I would switch with her but I have to work then too."

"There were like three girls I wanted to take out on Valentine's Day," answered my 20-something steroid pumping male co-worker, "I'll probably do a lunch date with one of them. And then at night, I'll do the good-guy thing."

"The 'good guy thing?'" I asked.

"Yea it's where you take one girl to an early dinner, the girl thats nice and not slutty that you wouldn't get any action from anyway, and say something like 'Well you should get to sleep' or 'I'm not ready to move that fast.' But then you take the slutty one out for a dinner, or a drink later in the evening. That way, the nice girl thinks you're still nice, and you still get some action." My 20-something co-worker explained.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!