Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dating Three Girls

“I’m dating three girls right now,” said one of my 20-something friends.

 “For how long? And where are they tonight?” I asked trying to figure out why my 20-something friend needed additional companionship if had three others in the pipeline.

 “One I’ve been dating for 8-months, one 3 for three months, the other about two,” he continues, “One has a thing with her mom, another doesn’t like techno, and the other is out of town.”

 “Wow,” I said.

 This was perhaps my first realization of the type of person my ‘friend’ really was. A few months earlier he asked me out for a drink. I told him I wasn’t looking to get into something at that point, I had just gotten out of a relationship.

Not liking this response he told me “I can’t be friends with girls I am attracted to.” But that hasn’t stopped us from hanging out together and going to events since then. Nearly everyone bemoans the current dating scene. Swipe left, swipe right some mindless back forth that usually goes nowhere, and does nothing. But that was never the intent of this blog, so I would like to focus on the ridiculousness of some of the interactions I have regularly had with 20-something guys.

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