Friday, December 31, 2010

The Girls Who Used To _________ For Drugs

One of my 20-something co-workers of the past had quite the life story for being a 20-something. He battled a drug problem, did time, ran away, had multiple arrests, and had a gambling problem. At one point in his life, he lived with his drug dealer friend (now some one he kept in touch with on FaceSpace) and had all sorts of adventures along the way.

"When I lived with him he would have these girls just suck our dicks all the time," said my 20-something co-worker, "and they would do it all the time. They like really needed their blow."

"I don't understand why they would suck your dick," I said, "you weren't selling drugs."

"Yea but he was just awesome like that. We looked out for each other and helped each other out. These girls were so trashy though, half the time they weren't even good at sucking dick. But we still gave them their blow anyway."

"Its good that you payed them for their services," I responded.

In the "Don't Do Drugs" seminars, students are always told about the dangers of drugs and how they can lead people to participate in activities they normally would not. Each one of these girls is some one's daughter, and who knows where else their mouth's had been. I honestly hope each of these girls got clean and were able to stop being whores, but it is not just their choice. It takes two to tango. With a little sensitivity the guys (my 20-something co-worker included) could have prevented all this from happening and left these girls and himself some dignity.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not 20, 30 but 40-something This Time!

Although this blog has always focused on the my galavanting 20-something co-workers, the following is a story of a 40-something co-worker of mine. I had not seen him in almost three months, I knew a lot could happen in three months but I did not expect this;

"So basically I have not lived in the house for about six weeks," said my 40-something co-worker, "I met [generic female name] a little less than two months ago on the internet and I moved right in."

Parents tend to worry about this very thing happen to their children, mainly teenagers, and especially vulnerable teenage girls. I should mention at this point that my 40-something co-worker has two teenage daughters, 14 and 17 years old.

"I'm flying my girls out at Christmas to meet her. I'm telling you this is the best relationship of my life, we except each other for who we are and do not try to change one another."

"Well that is awesome I am glad to hear it," I responded.

Although this may sound like I am commenting on his parenting, I am trying to comment on the issues of adults. Generally adults do have better judgement than teenagers, but it does not change the fact that moving in with some one you had known for less than two weeks does not give you a lot of time to get to know some one. Not only has my 40-something co-worker been through a divorce, but less than six months ago he broke up a girlfriend that his daughters were living with while he was working out of state. To jump from relationship to relationship, and bed to bed is usually something I complain about 20-somethings doing, but I guess it does not end in your 20s.