Saturday, November 5, 2016

Will you cuddle me after.........

After deciding to be "just friends" with a guy I was casually seeing for a few months, he invited me over to his new apartment after rehearsal one night. He had a bottle of wine he could not drink himself, and being that it was Halloween (which was on a Monday), I figured why not? Upon entering his apartment, I could tell he wanted more than just a friend tonight.

 "You don't want this," I said.

 "I know, I'm just not good at listening to my future self," he said. "If I went and jacked-off, would you cuddle me afterwards?"

 "Sure," I replied thinking this was the lesser of two evils.

 "Don't forget your cell phone so you can watch porn." "Thanks," he said exiting the room to his bedroom. "Do you need some coconut oil to get it going?"

"No I am going to dry-hand it," he said "I need to get better at lasting longer." Speaking from experience, he is not wrong.

 Yes this happened, and I let it happen. And he is a co-worker, and a friend.

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