Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Buying a Bike and a Wife

Most of the guys I work with have money to spend on extraneous toys or midlife crisis accessories. Again, I say guys because I do not work with any women regularly. One of my male co-workers recently separated from his wife of 18 years and decided it was time for a new toy, or two.

"Did I show you pictures of the new bike I'm buying?" asked one of my male co-workers, pulling out his phone to show pictures of him posed on a custom painted chopper.

"Wow its beautiful," I said admiring his new toy.

"Yea it is gorgeous," said my co-worker, "and you should have seen the guy's wife. I was going to offer him another 20 grand for his wife she was so hot."

My co-worker is not yet divorced, he is only separated. Although I know he was joking, it was very inappropriate to put a price on a women. He has worked in countries where this is the custom, a monetary value is put on your future bride. However, this was New York. Monetary value aside-this woman was married.

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