Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What Is This-Middle School?

“You need to lighten up, you went on four dates with this guy and all you did was kiss?” asked one of my 40-something co-workers, who looks and acts more like a 20-something most of the time.

 “Well yea……” I said sheepishly.

He has a point, I can be uptight at times but I just need to be comfortable and connected with someone to be intimate with a guy-and he realizes that. At the time of this conversation I was stressing out about telling this guy, over the phone I did not want to see him again but was more than willing to stay friends.

 “You know when I was first with [Generic Female Name], we started making out behind the theater after the show. We were rolling around on the lawn and covered in goose shit and stuff,” continued my 20-something male co-worker, “But she would not let me down her pants. I was like ‘what is this middle school!?’”

 “Seriously, Eric? Why are you telling me this?” I said.

 “Because this guy took you out four times and all you did was kiss!” He had a point, we went out four times over the course of a month and all we did was kiss, I guess maybe this I am the one in middle school sometimes. ~EV

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