Tuesday, November 22, 2016

After Every Show I Hook Up with an Actress

In my free time I do community theater. Known for hook-ups, dramatic break ups, menage-a-trois, and all around orgies-there is no shortage of stories from my 20-something theater family. Last Saturday my most recent show closed. Because it was snowing, I was drinking a little, and had to be at the theater by 10 AM the next morning I decided to stay with the 20-something Tech Director (set builder/designer) for the show, who happens to be a close friend.

 “I’m the tech director,” he said, “I show up toward the end of the run of the show and I hook up with one of the actresses."

 “Oh yea!” I said, “The fall show last year, the winter show you didn’t, the spring show you hooked up with waitress at the bar and a girl in the cast, and summer show this year you hooked up with someone too!”

 “Yep, S [female name 1] during Spamalot, S [female name 2] after Dolly, and M [female 3] after Singin’,” he said, “Actually with S[female name 2] we just made out a little, and slept naked with my hand her boob.”

 “I’m not sure if that counts,” I said, “But I guess it kind of does.”

 As I said, the 20-something Tech Director is a close friend near and dear to my heart and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

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