Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Michelle Meet Michelle

"When I was up here a little while back I was hanging out with these two different girls-luckily they were both named Michelle," said my well over 20-something supervisor. "One was a gal I knew from a sales girl out here, and the other was waitress at this bar I went to."

"Well thats good, you could never mix up their names then," I said still realizing this man was married and probably had another girlfriend in a different state bringing his total to at least four romantic partners.

"Yea that was great at first," continued the supervisor, "but one day Michelle was suppose to come out and meet me in the afternoon and was late-and the other Michelle was going to come out and meet me in the evening for a late night."

"Oh no," I said knowing where this story was going.

"Michelle one was just leaving the trailer as Michelle two was showing up and walking in, so I said 'Michelle meet Michelle'."

"I know there's not a lot of women out here-but why didn't you try to play it off like she was consultant or a sales rep?" I asked.

"Well you need to see how my girls dress," said the supervisor,"but after the first Michelle left she texted me from the car to say "Damnit [supervisor's name] she's gorgeous!"

I'm not sure if either relationship continued after this, but each girl had the benefit most women do not-knowing full well their partner was not exclusive and exactly what their competition looked like.

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