Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another Strip Club Waitress

There is no secret what really goes on behind the scenes at restaurant and bars. A cook is always sleeping with a waitress, who is angry because she caught the manager sleeping with a hostess while he was suppose to be sleeping with her. Constant drama is the norm in most restaurants. Just like the field I work in now, nearly everyone had a back story that involved a little bit of uncouth activity.

"I used to waitress at [Generic Strip Club/Topless Bar]," said one of my 20-something female co-workers.

"Wow that must have been a tough job," I said imagining the daily grope fest she must have endured.

"It had its moments," she replied,"I got a lot of weird requests. One time this old guy told me he would give me $150 to show him my tits-so I did it."

"You did?" I asked shocked-this women was now a mother of two, and didn't seem like the type to do that.

"Yea its not a huge deal-its not the same as stripping," she said.

A few of the other girls we worked with "stripped on the side," a term that meant they weren't full fledge strippers or didn't consider themselves strippers because they actually worked at topless bars. I suppose flashing is not the same as stripping, but waitressing at a strip club and flashing customers could easily lead to being a full-fledge stripper.

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