Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sitting In a Truck

"Up in North Dakota I was at a site with a bunch of guys, there were no women delivery people or 2nd parties either," said one of my co-workers,"so any women that showed up on site automatically stuck out."

Although I am the only woman on site regularly, we do occasionally have a female delivery worker, consultant, or day worker show up.

"After a few nights out on site I noticed she sat in her car usually, so I asked one of the guys who she was-he told me she was so-and-so's old lady (wife)," continued my co-worker, "most of the guys didn't bring their wives up to North Dakota and almost all the guys were from the south so I asked him if she ever cold just sitting in her truck all night and why she didn't go into one of the trailers. He didn't really have an answer and just sort of smile and shook me off."

"The next day the lady's 'husband' showed up and asked me if I wanted to spend some time with her. I didn't know what that meant at first until he quoted me a price."

"He was tricking out his WIFE?" I exclaimed.

"Well, a little while later I asked around and found out she was a stripper in town at one of the clubs, and he married her up here a month or two before. He was collecting cash on the side while she slept with some of the guys on site," explained my co-worker.

Hookers masquerade as different things out here, and none of their cover stories surprise me any more. Making money on the side with your new stripper wife, or girl from back home are just a few of the ways women and men make money off the books and on site.

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