Monday, October 31, 2011

Two Families, Two Countries

Women have written books and made millions telling the story of their cheating husband that had two families in two different places. I never thought they were lying, but I didn't think I would ever meet someone with a similar experience.

"I was working off shore for a long time with this one dude, he had a wife and a few kids in the US. We worked off shore close to Thailand, I think, and he met some chick there and married her. She ended up having his kid too, but his plan when his contract was over was to pick up and go back to the United States and forget about her," said one of my co-workers.

"That's a dick move," I said fully knowing this was not an uncommon story.

"Yea it is. So we were leaving the rig for the last time and stepped off the helicopter pad. Standing at the gate was his US wife and kids there to "surprise" him, and not fifteen feet away was his Thailand wife and kid," he said. "This dude could not believe it-as soon as he saw them-he begged the supervisor to let him get back on the helicopter and go back off shore."

"Did he let him leave?" I asked.

"Hell no, he slapped him on the shoulder and told him he was on his own and he was going to have to deal with it at some point," continued my co-worker.

I found out later his US wife got a divorced and took him to the cleaners, and he deserved it. Her monthly alimony check was five-figures not counting child support.

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