Friday, November 4, 2011

Never a Stripper, Always a Waitress

My co-workers and I had a running joke. Girls that work at strip clubs were always a waitress and never admitted to being a stripper. When I worked as a waitress (at a restaurant) I knew a few girls that admitted to stripping on the side just to say they did it, or doing bizarre things while working as waitress at a strip club. None of them ever came out and said they were a stripper and that was how they made their money. This all changed one day when I was Sales Rep. for one of the big four cell phone companies.

"Do you work there?" I asked a customer nodding at to the tight fitting baby t-shirt from one of the strip clubs in the area she was wearing.

"Yes I do," she freely admitted with a hint of hesitation.

"Thats cool, we see a lot of the girls come through here," I said pointing at the three lingerie shops very close to the store I worked in. Many of them were are customers and stopped by during the shopping trips when looking for their work clothes-again always waitresses.

"It's not bad there, I work in the topless bar half but after 2 am they sometimes let us come over to the strip club part," she continued while texting away on her phone,"you usually don't even have to get naked but you can still make great tips."

Me and my 20-something co-worker were very taken by this statement-I said before every girl that worked at the strip clubs in the area said they were a waitress and never a striper. I should also mention the difference between a topless bar and strip club is not much-it just means the girls have to keep their thongs on, but the patrons can still drink liquor. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are forbidden in strip clubs in this state.

Eventually the girl left and not long after my 20-something co-worker asked me what her number was, "Really? You want her number? We can't do that in the first place-and you want to date a stripper?"

"You got to give her credit-she was upfront about her job, if she didn't lie about that-she probably will be honestly about everything else," said my 20-something co-worker.

I thought of my 20-something co-workers (and still do) as lacking a moral code, and this blog is the proof. Perhaps he did just want her to say he dated or picked up a hot stripper, but for once I like to think he actually was actually thinking with his other head (although I doubt it).

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