Monday, March 21, 2011

Sex In the Fitting Rooms

In the mid-west we have a super grocer known as Meijer. Visitors usually compare Meijer to Walmart, they both sell clothing, food, housewares, ikea-style furniture, liquor and just about anything under the sun. However, Meijer is owned by the farmers of the mid-west which makes it more of a local favorite. Usually in the middle of the store, there are fitting rooms which allow people to try on the cheap clothes.

"Two friends of mine, used to have sex in the fitting rooms at Meijer," one of my 20-something co-workers stated, "They would make a game of it. They really enjoyed doing it, kind of like a joke."

"Well what would they do when they got caught?" I asked.

"I guess the only thing you can do, zip up and leave laughing. They did it a lot, and usually until they got caught," he answered.

"Did they at least do it at night when there were fewer people and no kids around?" I asked.

"Yea probably, they were old enough. They were not teenagers either." He said.

I should mention Meijer is an open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week establishment. Having been there many times at midnight or later, it does not surprise me that a couple could get away with having sex in the fitting rooms during the late evening early morning hours. With reduced staff and limited video surveillance in the fitting rooms, I can see why fitting rooms may be a tempting place to get it on. What strikes me as odd, was the couple was in their 20s and most likely had apartments or homes of their own to be doing that sort of thing.

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