Sunday, March 13, 2011


This past weekend I visited my sister. Since she is still in college, we did the customary visiting college tradition and attended a party. I met many people but one 20-something male's introductory story stuck out to me.

"So tell my sister about when you had sex behind the vending machines at the union!" said my sister to a guy that was talking to us.

"Ok so I was at the student union and this group of girls came up to me. They were drunk and this one girl was like 'Hey come on.' I do not think she planned on it getting that far, we were like making out and stuff and one thing lead to another, and yea," he said laughing.

"Wow!" I said, "How did you get behind some vending machines? They are usually pretty close to the wall," I asked.

"Well yea, they are. But when we got back there, a few of them were angled so there was room. We did it standing up, there was not room to like lay down or anything," He answered.

I will probably never see this kid again, nor do I remember his name. However, this was my first impression of him. An individual only gets one shot at a first impression, so should I ever meet him again he will always be the kid who sex behind the vending machines at the student union.

I realize there is a post on this blog very similar to this from one of my 20-something male co-workers of the past. I mentioned the incidence with my co-worker to the kid. He laughed, and said he knew other people with similar stories. Since I have never seen a comment on this blog, maybe some one could post a comment about participating or knew of some one participating in an incident like these. You can do it anonymously or use a fake name and email-and you do not have to be specific. Essentially I am just looking for numbers for here.

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