Saturday, December 5, 2009

My 20-Somethings of the Past

"She just said, 'don't let it be another two and half years before I hear from you again,'" my 20 something co-worker said in a not so private conversation to another 20-something co-worker.

At the time I over-heard my co-worker talking about a relationship he had with a girl the night before, I was not a 20 something. I was not surprised when I heard this statement either. For almost six months I had listened to the sexcapades of my 20-something male co-workers. Niether one of them were terribly attractive, and one looked closer to a 40-something.

My goal in writing this blog is not to constantly rip-on and degrade the 20 somethings, its to make people understand a preference for dating 30-somethings. So please don't be offended, and enjoy!

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