Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Library

This conversation took place not between a 20-something co-worker and myself, but a 20-something classmate and myself. In my opinion, it's the same difference. At this point I should tell you that I am still in college, and my course of study is heavily male dominated. In my department there are about 60 males, and 9 female undergraduate students. With that said, most of my time is spent around males while studying for exams, and doing projects due to the lack of estrogen.

While studying for a final, one of my 20-something male classmates abruptly left the group. Upon his return, he gave an explanation to excuse his sudden departure that went something like this:

"Sorry I had to get this girls phone number."

"Did you know her?" another 20-something classmate asked.

"Yea, I like met her before, but I always forgot to get her number."

"Oh, so are you trying to get with her then?"

"Sure, why not? She's pretty I guess, it shouldn't be that hard."

On that note I left the study session. I had to meet with another study group, but conversations among the guys in my department are usually the same. Because of the lack of female presence, they frequently disregard or simply forget to change their tones when a chick is around. Thanks guys!

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