Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stepping Out of the Shower

"I do have a pretty big cock," said one of my co-workers. In the context of the conversation-where they continually asked me how large my boyfriends' (past and present) genitals were-it was not entirely out of no where.

"This one time I stepped out of the shower and 'D had these two girls over, one was starring at it and was 'oooooh' so I grabbed it and wiggled it around in a circle to tempt her," continued my 20-something co-worker.

"She kept starring at me so I was like 'Yea you like that!'"

Why he did this was not as curious as to why there were girls hanging out near the men's bunkhouse near the shower. I know better than to go near there, but most girls do not. My other co-workers applauded this action. Many stated they remembered the incident and offered their encouragement.

Sadly this co-worker had just gotten married. He also has a very young daughter.

I am a person that believes in karma of sorts. Gene Simmons has a beautiful young daughter after bedding more women than he can count. Steve Tyler had three or four daughters. One is a model, another one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood, and his youngest is a talented singer who may take after her father. I know one day my coworkers will face challenges with their daughters-this is repayment for their behavior when they are away from home.

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