Monday, September 26, 2011

She Wants to "Hang Out"

"This is one of 'D's friends," said a co-worker to a group of co-workers as he showed us a picture of a naked girls behind,"she wants to you know, come out here and hang out."

"Is she his girlfriend?" I asked. It wasn't that I was naive, I just knew a few stories of guys tricking out their recent former stripper wives or girlfriends to other guys on site.

"Naw she just wants to get a ticket out here and then hang out with us," he said winking.

This is an all too common story in the gas and oil field. A guy brings a girl from home to the site and then has her sleep with a few of the other guys or "hang out" while he collects cash on the side. Sometimes a site manager will put his foot and not allow women on site, but a few weeks or months later the cycle starts over with new girls.

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