Monday, February 28, 2011

NOT Another College Girl

One of my 20-something co-workers frequently complained about the girls that lived in our town. Yes this was a blanket statement, but in a way I agreed with him. We lived in a college town and there were very few job opportunities upon graduation. Because of these combined factors, many of the young women in the town were college girls. As a professional Sales Representative, my co-worker deemed most college girls ineligible of his time because of a "maturity" factor. On occasion, he did manage to meet a young professional of the opposite sex that was worthy of his time.......

"So she's not in school? What does she do around here? Is she a townie?" I asked my 20-something co-worker after finding out he was interested in some one as more than a sex-buddy.

"She works at the newspaper," he responded, "But she also has a boyfriend.....I think they will break up soon he's a total douche."

"Uh ok, I don't think its a very good idea to start hanging around some one with a boyfriend. If she wanted to break up with him, she would have," I said.

"No really he's a jerk. He was at some country last summer and ran this golf cart into the lake but didn't tell his dad until he got the bill like at the end of the year. Then his dad saw the like $15,000 charge. Anyway I'm going to hang out with her tonight," stated my 20-something co-worker.

"Well do what you want, but I bet she brings her boyfriend to the bar," I said.

I ended up being right. She brought her boyfriend to the bar and my 20-something co-worker was miserable, except when they broke away from her boyfriend to make out for a while.....but that's another post.

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