Friday, February 4, 2011

Guys With Tattoos

"Do you like guys with tattoos," one of my 20-something male workers asked.

Looking around the room at quite a few of the heavily tattooed men, I knew only one answer would please him.

"Do YOU?" I asked in an attempt to deflect.

"Dude I am so sick of you asking every chick we meet that question," retorted one of the other 20-something males, "Last night this ass hole asked this bartender who weighed about the three of combined that question!"

"Well, did she?" I laughed.

"Dude I do not even care she was so f*ing fat and had as many tattoos as me. This douche bag gave her my number now I've got a fat chick on my back. If her fat ass shows up here you gotta pretend like your my girl," he pleaded with me.

Normally I do not play these games, but harassment by some one you are not interested in not funny. "I can't get into a fight with a fat chick," a said "But you guys do feed me every night when I show up so I'll go with it."

A recent study in Men's World showed that as much as thirty percent of men would break up with their wife or girl friend if they put on more than 15 to 20 pounds. Only seven percent of women said they would do the same. Perhaps the bartender had an a terrible personality, or he was just not interested but I am guessing her weight shadowed any connection he might have had.

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