Saturday, February 5, 2011

We're Not in the USA Anymore.....

"So, explain to me again why your dad lives in Venezuela of all places?" I asked one of my half-Caucasian, half-Jewish co-workers.

"Theres a few reasons, he does not want to pay alimony to his nine ex-wives," explained my co-worker, "the first time he went down this little sixteen year old sat in his lap and never left-she was a hot a little thing, but mostly we both like to party."

"Party like how?" I joked thinking the answer involved any number of elicit substances.

"I'm telling you I do not know how many broads I banged down there. I seriously lost track," stated my co-worker.

"Uh......I know Venezuela is not exactly the third world but......"

"Yea I know where you going with this, when I got back I was paranoid about AIDS, and other stuff. I had my doctor test me everything. I'm clean," he said with a wink.

I understand it takes two to tango, but there are just so many issues I have with this conversation. I suppose there are cultural differences that permit the courting of 16-year old girl. Many South and Latin Americans are married by the age of 16 or 15, but the fact that he rushed into yet another after having nine ex-wives seems like it could have been another disaster. As for my co-worker who did nothing but screw around for four months, I am glad he thought about condoms after the fact.

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