Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Girl That Sends Naked Pictures, Again

Living in a small town with only a few bars and very few people means guys will most likely hook with the same girl from time to time. Although I meet a fraction of these women, I tend to know them by what they let guys do to them, what they do themselves, and other peculiar habits.

"That was the night Andy hooked up with the girl who works at the gas station and had a thing with the old engineer, Jason" said one of co-workers. "She just walked in to the bar was like 'Oh hey!' and right away she started making out with him!"

"Wait the same girl that was sending naked pictures to Jason after only knowing him for a few days?" I exclaimed.

"Oh yea, the little girl-she probably did porn of some kind. She was all over him that night, and he didn't care because the fat girl was all over him again," replied my co-worker.

Not everyone is looking for a life-long partner when they go out to meet some one at the bar. However, this particular female has a track record of hooking up with men quickly and sending naked pictures of herself to men she barely knows. As for the two of my 20-something co-workers that hooked up with her, I hope they get blood tests.

On a side note-the co-worker that received the nude pictures of the young women was more than happy to show me and anyone that wanted a look.

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