Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dead Fish

I few years ago I had a heart to heart conversation with one of my fellow 20-somethings. He began to express remorse for a girl he once dated, but had since broken up with.

"She was the one that got away," said my male 20-something companion, "I miss her."

"Well why don't you call her and try to get back together or something?" I asked.

"I would but there were some things about her that bothered me. Like when were having sex she would just lie there, it was like making love to a dead fish. Then this one time after we got done she was like 'Wow I hope I don't get pregnant, I'm not on the pill anymore.' Like, why didn't she say something so I would wear a condom."

"Shouldn't you just do that? Why does she have to be the only responsible one?" I retorted.

"Whatever I just don't want a kid. I can't pay for it, and I would have had to pay for her to get an abortion. I Just don't want a kid to turn out like me."

"That would be a bit much to handle," I said.

Raising a child is never easy, and having to raise a child while in college would be difficult. But there are just so many statements I do not agree with. Getting back together with a girl or staying single should not depend on how she is in bed. Judging her in an incident where she was probably drunk is even more disappointing.

Finally, why should it be the sole responsibility of a women to obtain birth control? There are other risks involved when having unprotected sex (we all know about proper condom use), but I cannot wait until the male birth control pill on the market. Have fun with that guys!

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