Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Repeated offense

"He told me he only hooked up with that fat annoying girl like twice," I said to a co-worker referencing a different co-worker.

"He has hooked up with her at least half a dozen times," replied my co-worked. "We were at the store the other day and asked where he had been-he made up some stupid bull $hit story and we knew where he was."

"He was with the fat girl?" I asked.

"Yea he was! So I asked him, 'Why do you keep banging her?' and he tells me, 'Dude she let me put it in her ass!'"

At this point I bolted for the door and almost threw up. Upon returning I told my co-worker to continue.

"He said 'He just wanted to see what the boundaries were with her'-apparently there are none."

Repulsed by the conversation I didn't want to ask any more questions. Although the young women is fat-she is also annoying and not the nicest person to be around according to the other co-workers that have spent time around her. I am sorry to say this is what happens when men are left unsupervised and get bored.

As for the women who has allowed this happen-it takes two tango and she should have more respect for herself.

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