Friday, September 24, 2010

I Thought People Grow Up.......

The following story involves people I went to high school with. I am not on face-space or mybook, so I have not stayed in contact with really anyone I went to high school with. After five years I reconnected with an old friend, and got updates on some people I went to high school with.

"How did YOU here about this?" Asked one of my 20-something friends, in reference to another 20-something pseudo-friend who slept with a 3rd 20-something's girlfriend while they were still together. "Nick just found about his girlfriend and best friend sleeping together this last week!"

"I don't know," I answered, "I really only talk to one person around here anymore, so I'm sure thats who I heard it from."

"Yea, but he but who did he hear it from?"

"Probably straight from the horses mouth, he has a big mouth," I replied. "Jeez, I thought he would have grown up, or at least changed a little in college. This is so typical of him-he's a fat ass now you know, he's not hot at all!"

"He still thinks he's got it though," said my 20-something friend.

I guess I expected too much, after all, I have been working with 20-somethings for a while now and none of them are any different. Growing up is a relative, but beginning to think about relationships and friendships over sex is something that should be a don't want to piss off the wrong person.

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